Two Seconds to Better Photos: Try the Rule of Thirds

Basic composition — Put the object of interest centered at a place that is longer than it is wide and/or wider than it is long (never equal in width and length). That would account for the 1/3 portion of the photo. Never place in the center, except certain close in portraits, and even then you can see the part that is on interest is still at a place that is not equidistant from opposing sides.

The Daily Post

We’re constantly taking photos, from Instagrammed images of that really good sandwich at lunch to posed, just-so portraits of family gatherings.

It’s easy: look through the viewfinder, center the subject, and press the shutter button, right? Next time, try skipping step two — take those few seconds to put your subject off-center, and see how much more engaging your pictures become. Say hello to the Rule of Thirds.

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