This is a page.  I am guessing it should be about me.  I just saw something about background checks for a fee.  Wow!  They make a person sound scary and suspicious.  That I am not.  I am on my last part of my career, or at least I think I am. Never say never, right?  I am 54 and I just started an online business.  I sell food for people who want to survive disasters, go camping or hiking, who want to prepare for the unknown or who just want to make things easier once in a while, speaking of meals.  I sell mostly freeze dried foods and they are good.  So are the dehydrated foods I offer.  Well, speaking of dehydration, you always need water to survive.  I sell gear that makes water, from almost anywhere, drinkable.  That really rounds off a good meal.

Before selling food online, I taught people, aviation related information, and geographical.  It was fun and very predictable, very much a 9 to 5 existence.  I wanted to do things differently, being more self reliant, and all.  So, here I am. With the advent of lay offs, twice in 8 months, it made my decision and desires easier to recognize.

I am what the University of Oklahoma calls a Master of Human Relations.  Believe me, that is on-going.  I suppose it will be forever. My undergraduate degree is in Psychology, from the University of North Florida.  I spent time in the USAF, in New York, Florida and South Korea.

I was a late bloomer.  I have a child, 13.  I am single (divorced but on good terms).  I have always cared about others, but I do not go in for politics, so this seems like an area within which we may all have equal footing.  I hope to make many, many friends and to grow a great business.  Most of all, I want to grow more and be truly who I am, to be truly authentic.  I have a good start.


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